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The Original Venus Terrarossa 

Italian Engineering 

The original Venus Terrarossa, seen here, is designed and built in Italy by PAOLONI ONELIO

& FIGLIO. The company saw an opportunity in

the market for a product that would scarify red clay courts quickly and efficiently allowing for

clay court maintenace to remain in the hands

of the tennis facility owners. Tennis facilities

soon realized the new innovation leads to a considerable saving of money and time.

Tested and True on Red Clay

The Venus Terrarossa is distributed throughout the world and is used for maintenance on some of the finest European red clay courts in the world: Italy, Spain, England, France, Germany and now South and North America. Paoloni Onelio & Figlio are pleased to introduce the Venus Terrarossa with a new name, the Clay Court Grinder for the Green HarTru clay of North America.

Now for North American Green Clay

Indoor and outdoor green clay courts are now easier to maintain. When clay courts get hard it is a 30 minute scarifying job to soften them up. Keep that soft clay playing surface with the Clay Court Grinder as a monthly maintenance tool. The first customer in the USA to use the Venus Terrarossa from Italy was Olde World Design in Napa Valley, CA. The first in Canada is seen here at the Daniel Nestor Tennis Centre, a six court year-round indoor clay facility. See what these owners have to say about the Clay Court Grinder (click here).

When clay gets hard, softening is easy

The Clay Court Grinder is built tough and works hard. 104 steel blades pulverize the clay to create an excellent playing surface. Check out the videos from two satisfied customers who use the GRINDER on red and green HarTur courts. 

Introducing the

This machine is built with safety in mind.

The wide strip of clay that it scarifies

makes the job of an entire court quick

and easy. Check out the specifications


Built with 104 Hardox

Steel Blades

The blades are easily

interchangeable and they

hardly wear down thanks to

the design using Hardox steel,

which is much harder then regular

steel and long lasting. Hardox 450 is 

the same steel used to build bulldozers.

The Best Playing Surface

Creating the best playing surface for members is

what the CLAY COURT GRINDER is all about. Players walk on a court that has a true bounce and allows for perfect slides to the ball.

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