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Daniel Nestor Tennis Centre - Canada

6-court indoor year-round indoor clay facility

“We had been looking for a machine that would alleviate bringing in crews to renovate the courts each year at a high cost. We are a year-round indoor clay court facility and the courts get very hard after an indoor playing season. The Clay Court GRINDER allows us to do monthly maintenance ourselves allowing us to keep the courts soft year round. After running the GRINDER over the courts all we do then is add the HarTru binder for particular spots, along with  bags of HarTru Coarse Blend, and we have a great playing surface. They're like new courts again with minimal costs.”

Olde World Design, Napa Valley, CA
Builder and maintenance of Har-Tru
clay courts.
“The Clay Court Grinder helps us with one of the hardest jobs we have in this industry; breaking up a very hard, compacted, and crusted surface on any type of clay court.  These courts can become impervious to water penetration.   We bought the GRINDER for this specific reason. It’s like a mini rototiller that can pulverize a rock hard surface.  The blades can be set to the exact depth needed for the court hardness.  The surface is easily broken up and removed, replaced or recycled back into the court.”
Olde World Design builds and maintains clay court and bocce ball courts.

Olde World Design


“I have sold and used the Clay Court Grinder in the UK since 2011 after being

impressed with both the manufacturing facility and demonstrations of the machine on trip to the manufacturers in Italy.

Although weather conditions are very different here, the machine works well on a

variety of surfaces for regular maintenance or for deep renovation projects. We have

used it on traditional clay courts, shale courts, Har-tru and on Doe sports French

clay artificial courts, the results on the latter were exceptional leading to sales to important tennis clubs such as the L.T.A in London, the top training base for UK tennis players. Throughout the period the machines have proved to be exceptionally reliable, easy to

use and maintain”.


Sam Breeden

Managing Director

Sweepfast – United Kingdom

Specialists in the provision of sports surface maintenance machinery 

Bethesda Country Club - Bethesda Maryland

Golf and Country Club with indoor/outdoor HarTru clay courts

"Here at Bethesda Country Club in Bethesda, Md we have three clay courts with an above ground water system that we cover with an air supported structure each indoor season for 32 weeks.  At the end of April each year, we take down our bubble and those three courts become outdoor clay courts.  

These three courts have been "bubbled" now for thirty years.  Each year when we take the bubble down we have struggled with eliminating "hot spots" on the courts where the clay is so baked and compacted  that water cannot penetrate the surface.  These "hot spots"  are bothersome during the indoor season and  actually dangerous for play during the outdoor season.

We have gone through multiple processes to try and rectify the situation.  In the spring of 2016, we purchased a "Clay Court Grinder".  Problem solved!!!

 We used the "Clay Court Grinder" after we took down the bubble in April.   All hot spots were  eliminated after three hours of using the grinder.   The 3 clay courts immediately played up to a standard that our discerning members appreciated.

 I strongly recommend the "Clay Court Grinder" for any facility with indoor clay courts.

Frank Hatten

Director of Tennis

Bethesda Country Club"


E-Sportshop - Czech Republic

Golf and Country Club with indoor/outdoor HarTru clay courts

"We were thrilled after the first use, this machine offers very quick and simple way to maintain the clay courts by ourselves. Now it is easier for us to do routine (the advantage of adjustable height is priceless, because there is no need to remove tennis lines) or extraordinary maintenance that helps to increase volume of clay. The quality of courts increased without much effort. And everyone will surely appreciate saved time and low operating costs.

Martin Znoj

E-Sportshop from Czech Republic" 

Shadow  Mountain Resort and Club - USA

Tennis Magazine has consistently ranked the Desert Tennis Academy as one of the top 25 tennis academies in the U.S

"The Clay Court Grinder has been our saving grace and we are now known as one of the best clay court facilities in the desert. It really helps with hard packed courts and we feel very proficient with the machine at this point".

Caerwyn Evans 

Director of Tennis 

Shadow Mountain Resort and Club

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