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How deep can the GRINDER penetrate the clay surface?

Up to 30mm (1.18 inches) and as little as 1mm (.04 inches)

Does it work on indoor courts?

The GRINDER is very suitable for indoor clay court renovation. When the courts harden because of indoor conditions this is when the product is most useful to control costs. (Please note safety and health precautions that should be taken when operating machinery in indoor space along with controlling dust from clay particles becoming airborne during renovation.)

Can I play on the court just after using the GRINDER?

The renovation using a CLAY COURT GRINDER can take about 4 hours if done properly. The results are immediate and play can take place without delay.

Will I be able to take care of the maintenance by myself if I buy the GRINDER?

This is one of the greatest benefits of the GRINDER. It is small enough for individuals to use and is not difficult to run the machine. This saves on your maintenance budget and allows you to schedule maintenance on your time.

How long the blades last?

The blades are made from Hardox steel which is the same steel used in building heavy machinery like bulldozers. You can expect years of use with these blades. This lifespan will depend on how often you run the machine and how hard the clay is when renovations are done.

What kind of maintenance on the machine is required?

Occasional oil changes along with cleaning of the machine after use is important. The GRINDER is built with a dependable Honda engine… so is very reliable.

Can I use the machine without removing the lines?

On HarTru clay courts we recommend tilting the machine up over the lines as you scarify. In some situations the machine can go over the court lines without damage but we recommend testing it on a section before proceeding.

How often should I use the GRINDER?

Monthly use will keep the courts soft and in great condition. Set the depth to 3mm and run the machine over the entire court. Use a gator rake to rake over the surface to even out areas missed and then brush with a court brush. Add matieral when needed and water the court. You are ready for play with a totally renovated court within 3-4 hours.


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